About Na'amah


Ariana Hill once said "Priestess is a verb, not a noun." Truer words were never spoken. I have always been priestess. I have always priestessed. I am always priestessing. It means being a tether, a mirror, an anchor, a void. It means shouldering another's burden, reflecting their truth, shining light upon the dark corners, dredging up the hidden secrets, and blessing them with forgiveness they often deny themselves. To priestess is to be between worlds, between words, between breath, and to witness life as it unfolds, giving all that one has for the greater good. 


Writing gives me peace. It just is that simple. I have never been a great author but greatness is earned so I keep working. I rise and fall. I write and pause as life's ebbs and flows dictate. I use the written word as a diviner uses a scrying mirror. To write is to seek truth, even when it is not desired.

Mostly, I enjoy blogging on current events, hot button issues, and social justice topics which must be brought to light with the greatest vigor and deepest compassion. Often I focus on Feminism, gender dynamic issues, Judaism, Paganism, Humanism, consent, sexuality, spirituality, self-development, and politics. Nothing is too taboo; I will bare my soul because it is mine. 

Writing gives me time to exist outside myself, taking on my perspective, your perspective, the audience's perspective, and to connect to Source and reach Home. Writing gives me peace. It is just that simple


All human beings are equal, thus, I am a Feminist. All life must be cherished, thus I am a Feminist. The patriarchy is a poisonous virus embedded in every layer of reality, infecting all genders, destroying all lives in numerous ways and must be ended, thus I am a Feminist. There is a better world full of equity, love, and incredible opportunity before us and I believe it can be reached together by shedding the dull skin of past paradigms and processes, thus I am a Feminist. Are you with me?