White Day 2

The Moon is currently in Capricorn, in conjunction with Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. She is brand new again. These themes connect to our white week this way:

The moon relates to hidden self, to emotions, inner identity. Today’s conjunction represents our hidden self, inner self, feeling compelled to speak our emotions and our truth, to seek out partnerships, to want to be nurtured and to nurture others, and lastly, you seek to uncover what has been hidden – be it secrets, hidden dreams and aspirations, defining passions and goals, and generally wanting to bring light to the pieces of self and world that have not been allowed to expand. The Moon herself being in Capricorn highlights determination and potential stubbornness. Remember that with dedication, anything can be done. Remember also that there is more than one way to bathe a cat. Do follow the course you’ve built for yourself. Don’t stick to one avenue to the point of lunacy. Pick your battles.

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