“You are who you choose to be.”

Ted Hughes – The Iron Giant

I’m sure you’d agree: Betterment is hard to find right now. Have you been struggling with partnerships in a COVID-19 world? Is it hard for you to connect, express, relate these days?

We all want to be better. Better partners, better peers, better people. Information floods our world with instructions on what to look for, how to avoid, and what not to do. Instagram reels, Facebook Live videos, Youtube tutorials all go on and on about what to do when… But in the end, are we any better? Do you have the partner you seek? Are you happier? Kinder? More fun to be around?

My job, my sole mission – is to help YOU build a better you. You’ve heard of self-development, self-improvement, personal wellness, and beyond. This billion-dollar industry claims to sell the cure to your pain. But rarely do any speakers or coaches ever look you in the eye and say “Dude, you’re the problem. You need to change this thing right here.”

That’s what I do. I am direct; sometimes even blunt. I don’t mince words or sugar coat the truth. No one has time for that. I reach into my clients, stare deeply into the broken pieces, the wrecked pieces, the misshapen pieces that grew in the darkness, and I tackle them head-on. Deep breath.

But rarely do any speakers or coaches ever look you in the eye and say “Dude, you’re the problem. You need to change this thing right here.”

I am not a psychologist. I am not a clinician. I am not a social worker. I highly recommend you leverage those modalities of care too.

What I am: I am a Betterment Coach. A Betterment Coach is more than a life coach. I don’t just hold your hand while you learn to do your own laundry or dare to send a courageous text. No way. I coach you from within, getting to the core of you FIRST – the rest falls like dominos.

So, if you’re ready to be let this shit go,

if you’re ready to finally grow up,

if you’re ready to find the partner you seek,

if you’re ready to get the respect and honor and friendship that has been eluding you for years,

if you’re ready to Be Better,

You’re Ready for Betterment Coaching.

Let’s go!

Public Speaking

I speak publicly on the topics of Betterment Life Coaching in a variety of spaces including corporate events, public and private schools, religious groups, nonprofits, and beyond.

Private Betterment Coaching

One-on-one connection is a tremendous experience that I love to offer. My speciality is cis-gender men who struggle with self-expression and relationship building and maintenance.

10-Week Betterment Course

Coming soon! I am launching an incredible ten (10) week course that dives into my specialized techniques for bettering yourself.